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Originally Posted by ThisEvilBastard View Post
Just watch
Scream Factory's Halloween III Blu-ray and compaired it with their Howling Blu-ray and you'll be disappointed
I never understood why people point the pros and cons of a conversion comparing them to an unrelated movie conversion.

- Different movie
- Different original stock
- Different everything

The correct thing is to compare a conversion with another edition of the same movie.

In this case, picture wise, the only two editions that exist at the moment share the same print, going so far to say the same conversion.

I donīt intend to point the finger at anyone by saying this but... Overall, first we bitch that said movie in not on DVD, then if it is on DVD we bitch it is not on Blu, then if it in on Blu we bitch that it isnīt perfect... Humans are so hard to please.
Too much definition hurts my eyes because of the artificial look of things!
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