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Originally Posted by JimSmith View Post
Because we in the United States have Scream Factory and what's with the colors down at the bottom of the front covers of arrow videos releases?! They're just pretentious! They goofed up the beginning of The Beyond too! They need to ditch the damn rainbow of colors and the white background on the front covers too! It's hideous! A lot of people on here incessantly whines about the newly-commissioned artwork on Scream Factory's releases. Just take a look at arrow videos artwork. You want to talk about some shit! Scream Factory's artwork looks comic book-ish, lots of excitement and energy, arrow videos artwork just looks lame and lazy!
Not everyone here lives in the United States. And there are plenty of Arrow releases that trump other versions, even if they do have a few transfers that might be better on US releases (and The Beyond still has no American Blu-ray out as of present although coming sometime via Grindhouse). And your real dislike is because you don't like their packaging scheme for the most part, calling it pretentious? Packaging and cover art is a nice bonus when it looks good, but to blatantly dismiss an entire label because of a personal taste of their design scheme (which offered reversible original artwork far before Shout! or Scream Factory did) is a little tough to swallow.
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