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Originally Posted by JimSmith View Post
Because we in the United States have Scream Factory and what's with the colors down at the bottom of the front covers of arrow videos releases?! They're just pretentious! They goofed up the beginning of The Beyond too! They need to ditch the damn rainbow of colors and the white background on the front covers too! It's hideous! A lot of people on here incessantly whines about the newly-commissioned artwork on Scream Factory's releases. Just take a look at arrow videos artwork. You want to talk about some shit! Scream Factory's artwork looks comic book-ish, lots of excitement and energy, arrow videos artwork just looks lame and lazy!
01- The colors on the bottom of the Arrow releases are a "color bar generator test signal". It is presented in all their releases except steelbooks. Since Arrow is foremost a label directed to cult releases this is something of old school color tv.

02- They didnīt goofed up the beginning of The Beyond. It was a lab mistake and every label could make one. When they released the corrected version, they offered free replacements for those "wrong" discs.

03- Clearly you talk without knowing because, starting with "Motell Hell", the artwork now occupies the full front of the cover, meaning no white borders anymore.

04- A lot of people may whine about the newly-commissioned artwork on Scream Factory's releases, but also, a lot of people just loves the newly-commissioned artwork on Scream Factory's releases. The same thing happens with Arrow releases, some liked them, and some hate them.

05- I donīt tend to favor Arrow or Shoutīs, or any other release for that matter. I just want great editions of the movies I love, going to some extend to even buy more than one edition of the same movie.

06- I could be wrong but by your remarks your seem to had some issues with Arrow in the past.
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