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Originally Posted by dave13 View Post
thats disappointing, i like the white borders. it made their releases distinctive.
I know itīs just an opinion but I think the releases are better the new way.

Their most recent steelbook is also a beauty...

Originally Posted by deepred View Post
My only complaint for Arrow was when they were saying their special features would be in 1080P and then they were not which caused compatibility issues for some Region 1 players. Tenebre was a release that was like this.

But they don't seem to have anything region-free anymore. I'd love to have their releases of Spider Baby, Black Sunday and Black Sabbath.

I also liked their old covers. It was cool to have 4 options to choose from.
I cannot speak for non European territories as Iīm region B myself but on my player their extras show in 1080p. Sure, there is a feel to the image that tells me itīs not completely HD but surely it is not an upscale.

I enjoyed their option of providing 4 covers but I didnīt like that process as a whole because with time my display cardboard started to get loose. Iīm opting to sell their old editions whenever an unlimited combo is available.
Too much definition hurts my eyes because of the artificial look of things!

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