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Originally Posted by maybrick View Post
Preach it, brutha! People born in the late 80s to the present don't fully realize what they missed out on. I was young but I at least still got to experience the death knells of drive-in movies theaters, car hops, roller discos, and the like. Also, movies that would stay at the cineplex for months on end rather than come and go in a fortnight. Lines would be practically around the block. Videos wouldn't be released for almost a full year (sometimes longer) as opposed to only a few short months. When I was a kid I went to the movies every week for 2-3 bucks and I didn't need adult supervision to see things like Amityville 2 or Halloween III (an adult buying the ticket was good enough). If I didn't go to the movies there always seemed to be good horror movies on basic, $5/month television on the weekends. In a small town of 13,000 people you could have 5 video stores, not counting the corner markets that also rented films.

Today you have Netflix. And yeah, I admit that is cool to have so many films so easily at your fingertips. But still....I miss the days when people had a reason to leave their homes. It's far too easy to behave like a misanthrope when you never have to associate physically with others.
I totally agree with all of that. I was born in 1971, but I was able to see a lot of crazy stuff in the theater and the drive in. Up until the early nineties our local theaters used to do midnight showings of all kinds of retro horror films. It was a sad day for me when that ended. There just seemed to be so much more to do back then as well. Even the music had so much more going for it. The video stores were a treasure chest of some of the best worst films of all time. Those were great times. Now, both of my sons are nearly young adults and they laugh at the movies I show them. We watched Deathstalker a few weeks ago, and they could not believe I saw it in a movie theater. Is it a good movie ? Not really. Was it a lot of fun back then (and even now) ? Hell yes !

Now I am just glad my kids are interested in the good old stuff. We find a lot of cool stuff on Netflix as well, but I always find them rooting through my collection and asking me for a recommendation. A lot of the stuff on the list I posted are well loved by the boys and their friends now. Even though I long for the old days, I get a lot of satisfaction from just knowing that.
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