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Originally Posted by Demoni View Post
01- The colors on the bottom of the Arrow releases are a "color bar generator test signal". It is presented in all their releases except steelbooks. Since Arrow is foremost a label directed to cult releases this is something of old school color tv.

02- They didnīt goofed up the beginning of The Beyond. It was a lab mistake and every label could make one. When they released the corrected version, they offered free replacements for those "wrong" discs.

03- Clearly you talk without knowing because, starting with "Motell Hell", the artwork now occupies the full front of the cover, meaning no white borders anymore.

04- A lot of people may whine about the newly-commissioned artwork on Scream Factory's releases, but also, a lot of people just loves the newly-commissioned artwork on Scream Factory's releases. The same thing happens with Arrow releases, some liked them, and some hate them.

05- I donīt tend to favor Arrow or Shoutīs, or any other release for that matter. I just want great editions of the movies I love, going to some extend to even buy more than one edition of the same movie.

06- I could be wrong but by your remarks your seem to had some issues with Arrow in the past.
Actually I've never bought any of their DVD's/Blu-rays before. I do know about the screw-up over The Beyond and that damn artwork is just hideous. I'm actually glad they got rid of the white background on the front cover. Horror movies should always be/associated with dark, have a dark or black background, you get the idea. I still hate those "color bar generator test signals"!
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