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Originally Posted by hots4 View Post
all this hatred, god what is wrong with everyone, i'm sure there are more serious things in peoples lives to get upset about !!!!! We should all be happy (i know i am), that we are in a position where companies are releasing genre films on blu, let's be honest we are getting a ton of stuff at the moment, what would you prefer no releases.
It's the new Horrordvds for 2013, a bunch of whiny bitches with too much time on their hands, working alongside alienated drama queens and armchair psychologists.
When was the last time you read a completely positive thread on here? No wonder this site attracts mostly fucking weirdos now.
Compare this site to that of 2004, 2008, 2010 and it's pathetic.
If you hate Shout! or Arrow, here's an idea-form your own distribution company and release stuff that is up to your lofty standards. People feel they are entitled to have the most obscure of films in top quality with eleven hours of supplemental material and then are disappointed when they fall short.
Drama-Queen-Die seems like Gandhi compared to most of the lurkers on here now.
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