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Is it for sure that the two commentary tracks on the Arrow Lifeforce BD are the same as those on the Scream Factory disc? I just finished listening to Tobe Hooper's track, and it was a real disappointment. It seems pretty evident that he doesn't remember a single thing about the making of the movie. The majority of the track ends up being the moderator making a lot of not-especially insightful remarks about the lighting and the effects and the score with Hooper giving answers like "Yeah...yeah."

Fortunately, the movie itself was a lot of fun, and looked and sounded really great. I hadn't seen it since I was a kid watching it on VHS, and about the only thing I remembered was Matilda May. She's certainly amazing, but the rest of the movie is an interesting mishmash as well. I can understand why it wasn't a huge success, though. There are so many different characters in it, and none of them are ever really fleshed out. Even Steve Railsback, the lead, is absent from the film for almost an hour at the beginning.
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