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Originally Posted by fattyjoe37 View Post
The "you only like it because it has a slipcover" argument doesn't work here. On the Scream Factory thread there are pages of people ripping into the new art on all the Scream releases. You can go get mad at the packaging obsessed over at if you want to try to get a rise out of people by saying artwork and slips mean nothing.
You want to know why I think The Howling is the best genre release on Blu-ray thus far this year? All of the DVD bonus materials are ported over, even an easter egg interview with Dick Miller (you'd be surprised at how often existing material doesn't get ported over), substantial new material is included (new commentary and 4 new featurettes), and footage that hasn't seen the light of day since Laserdisc is dug up for fans to enjoy (a featurette, extended deleted scenes, and deleted scenes commentary). That is what is important to me when it comes to a re-release. Looking and sounding better than my old DVD (which this does, even if its not the greatest transfer ever) and having the original poster art on the reverse side of the cool new artwork (I actually like a lot of Scream's commissioned artwork) is just gravy.
That's why people love Scream Factory, you can rip into them all you want (which I don't understand at all, the best company for catalog horror since early Anchor Bay and people feel the need to try to tear them apart?), but they give the fans a reason to upgrade, from fantastic new bonus features to simple things such as choice of artwork and retaining existing material as much as possible.
This. One thing though, it is missing one extra from the DVD, although minor it is missing the teaser trailer. Sucks as I'm a bit of a completist and found this out after selling off my DVD. Strange that it's missing, but again, not the end of the world.

Originally Posted by Katatonia View Post
I thought the Blu-ray looked pretty damned good. The questionable color timing is a minor issue, but this is definitely the best it's looked off screen and in the home.

It's not the first movie to have color timing issues, just look at Halloween, Road Warrior, etc.. and there is no guarantee that even a later re-release (i.e. Road Warrior) will correct these concerns. Either accept the faults, or don't buy it and remain happy waiting.
Agreed, this just seems to be something that comes with Blu-ray. There are plenty of transfers that now have a green tinge to them. Lord of the Rings Trilogy and Terminator coem to mind, but there are LOTS more. I having watched my copy yet, but going off the stills (Not always the best thing to do), I think it looks great, and miles better than the old DVDs.

As for Road Warrior, the new release still includes the same colour changes. Halloween on the other hand sounds like it was a bit of a mess up and will be fixed with the new 35th Anniversary edition due by years end.
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