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The Video Dead

Originally Posted by dave13 View Post
This was my first time seeing TerrorVision, and while I understand why some people may absolutely despise it, I got a big kick out of it. It was completely bonkers, and a whole lot of fun.

The Video Dead, on the other hand... I'd seen it once before, in a full frame VHS rip, and hadn't thought much of it. I enjoyed it a bit more this time out, but still wouldn't go so far as to say I actually liked it. It's got some pretty great makeup effects, and a few well-executed ideas (the iron-head and washing machine scenes come to mind), but it's just so...flat. Maybe it's the cinematography? Or the script? It's just painfully dull. Which is a shame, because you can tell that there's a good movie in there somewhere.
I remember when The Video Dead would play on the USA network back in the day along with Forever Evil and Tourist Trap. Ah the memories!
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