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Originally Posted by dave13 View Post
My wife and I took a vacation to Europe a few weeks ago. First time being there for either of us. We spent 3 days in London, 3 in Paris, and then 3 in Rome. It was exhausting! But a hell of a lot of fun.

We went to Profondo Rosso when we were in Rome. Cozzi was there, just chilling out behind the counter. I wasn't even sure it was him, at first. I'm sure I acted like an idiot after asking him if he was, in fact, Luigi Cozzi. I looked at my wife and said "Holy shit, this is Luigi Cozzi!" She had no idea who that was, of course. I've never been into horror conventions or any of that kind of thing, so I think he's probably the first person from the film industry that I've ever met.

There was no one else in the store, so we chatted a little bit. I told him how much I liked StarCrash and Contamination, and he seemed amused when I mentioned how the egg-laying alien at the end of Contamination pre-figured Cameron's alien queen from Aliens, and that it seemed quite evident that Cameron had ripped him off. We talked a bit about filming Two Evil Eyes in Pittsburgh, and about what a shame it was that physical media is in decline. He was just really cool.

I picked up two of the 9 books that they've translated into English. "Directed by Lewis Coates" and "The making of Deep Red". He was nice enough to autograph the one about him, and personalized it too. I also bought an Italian giallo mystery book. Its not exactly an original - this one was published in the early 80's, but it's got the yellow jacket and lurid cover illustration. It was only 3 euros, so even though I'll never be able to read it, it's still a cool piece of the genre. I told Cozzi that I also wanted to buy a movie, something made in Italy, so we went through the few titles that he had. I would have liked to buy something by him, but the only thing he had that I didn't already own was a copy of Paganini Horror on DVD, with only an Italian language track and no subs. So instead I decided to upgrade my MYA 4 Flies DVD to the Shameless BD. It was pretty expensive (30 euros), but, like others here have said, I just wanted to buy something from the store, and wasn't really thinking about the price. Looking at now, I see I could have saved myself about 10 euros if I'd ordered it online, but I'd rather have the copy I have, knowing where I got it. All told I think I spent maybe 80 euros, and he threw in a free Profondo Rosso keychain

I convinced my wife to come into the museum with me, and she was actually pretty impressed. We had just watched Opera, so she recognized the set from that. There was some pretty great stuff down there, and well worth the 3 euros each. I especially liked the voice over narration by Cozzi that he started up before we went down. "Don't be afraid of being eaten by these zombie's...they're still full from the last bunch of tourists who came through here." Or something to that effect.

We took lots of pictures, and he was nice enough to pose with me for one just before we left. I'll put some of them up when I get home. Great experience, though. Definitely recommend everyone get there if they can.
Great read! Sounds like it was worth the trip alone haha, I'm jealous!
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