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I'm really surprised that some of you are so interested in the TV version. I'd love to hear why. The extra Smith's Grove scenes totally destroy the rhythm of the opening chapters. Judged outside the context of the film I kind of like the scene of Loomis talking to Michael in his room. But the movie plays much better going straight from Haddonfield to the thunderstorm scene. And the later scene with Jamie Lee and P.J. Soles is pure filler.

I truthfully don't care if they put those scenes on the new disc at all. I have the old DVD and I don't feel the need to watch that stuff on any kind of regular basis. I'm sure everyone knows that the added scenes aren't even legitimate outtakes. Carpenter filmed that stuff to pad the run-time for TV while they were doing Halloween II. Those scenes were not part of the original script. And that cut of the film was never endorsed by anyone involved with Halloween. It was a bastardized, neutered version created to get the film past the network censors. If the edited film was long enough to fill the network run-time slot that material never would have been filmed.

With so many prior releases of Halloween the only extra material that interests me is the B roll footage (which won't be included). I even question the need for a new commentary track. Between the earlier commentary and the numerous feature-length documentaries I really question what else Carpenter and Curtis can add--especially now that they're so much older and farther removed from the production. NEW COMMENTARY just seems like a cover banner justification for double-dipping. And a Cundey-supervised transfer is more than enough justification. All I need from this release is a transfer that properly represents the original look of the film.

But I am legitimately curious about what you guys think. Please tell me whether or not the TV version is important to you, and if so, why?
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