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Originally Posted by Mattapooh View Post
Aside from the new bonus features, what I'm most interested in is the colour timing used on this new disc. That should be a shitstorm no matter which way it's done.
Cundey's involvement should make this a non-issue. But I fear you're right. People actually bitched about the THX disc based on hazy memories of what they think they saw on the screen back in 1978. I know I can be a contrarian. But that strikes me as completely ridiculous. Cundey knows what the original answer print looked like better than anyone. And Don May has confirmed the vibrant night-time blue tints are on the original negatives. The color timing debate should really be over.

But...incompetent, misinformed reviewers could easily claim revisionism. This disc should look radically different from the last 2 digital releases of Halloween. And that's sure to confuse some people, especially the lazy ones writing for some of the top review sites. and high def digest both posted rave reviews of the 7.1 audio track on the Jaws blu--and it contained the same egregiously-replaced sound effects as the 5.1 DVD mixes that got slammed all over the net. And all they had to do was compare the mono and surround tracks (both on the disc) to realize they sound nothing like each other during some scenes.

It will definitely be interesting to see how the new transfer is received.
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