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June acquisitions (minus VHS):

3:10 to Yuma (Criterion) - Blu Ray
Blob, The (Criterion) - Blu Ray
Chinatown (Paramount) - Blu Ray
Endangered Species (Warner) - MOD
Her Private Hell (BFI) - UK Blu Ray
Howling, The (Shout Factory) - Blu Ray
Last Run, The (Warner) - MOD
Leon Morin, Priest (Criterion) - Blu Ray
Lifeforce (Shout Factory) - Blu Ray
Manson Family, The (Severin) - Blu Ray
Medium Cool (Criterion) - Blu Ray
Ministry of Fear (Criterion) - Blu Ray
Monsieur Verdoux (Criterion) - Blu Ray
Motel Hell (Arrow) - UK Blu Ray
Naked Lunch (Criterion) - Blu Ray
Ninja III: The Domination (Shout Factory) - Blu Ray
On the Waterfront (Criterion) - Blu Ray
Pierre Etaix (Criterion) - Blu Ray
Repo Man (Criterion) - Blu Ray
Skin Game (Warner) - MOD
Spirits of Death (Camera Obscura) - Austria
Super Cops, The (Warner) - MOD
Traveling Executioner, The (Warner) - MOD
Wonder Women (Retromedia)
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