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Originally Posted by CPT HOOK View Post
Are there any free programs to test the authenticity of a DVD? I think there are programs that tell you the date it was authored, etc.

I'm weary of ordering from eBay after receiving bootlegs in the past, but I went ahead and ordered something anyway. It's probably legit, but I just want to test that it's authentic when it gets here, just to be sure.

Any suggestions?
It's easy, flip the disc over. If the read side is purple it's a bootleg. If it's silver it's legit.

That's one of my problems with the "burn on demand" DVD-R discs companies sell, they're no better than a bootleg. It really comes down to paying someone like Warner just because they are Warner. Otherwise they're not offering anything a guy selling out of the truck of is car isn't already selling.
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