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But there's a huge bootleg market in Asia that produce fake DVDs and CDs that are extremely difficult to tell aren't legit. I bought several DVDs off ebay a few years ago that I'm pretty sure are bootlegs but looking at them there's really no easy way to tell. Silver discs, quality artwork, even slipcovers. I'm only (pretty) certain they're bootlegs because the titles weren't in print/available at the time (Santa Sangre, Cold Prey 2) and they were only about $10 each. (They were from Singapore and they're both listed at amazon below the more recent R1 versions. Correct me if I'm wrong and these are legit.) Just FYI, I've since bought the official region 1 releases of both.

I've also bought some bootleg CDs from ebay and amazon - hard to find titles that are long out of print and go for hundreds of dollars for legitimate second hand copies. Other than the fact these CDs look too "new" to be legitimate copies you'd never be able to tell they are fake. Silver pressed discs and clean, quality artwork (not photocopies.) I would much rather buy these titles legally but if the record companies won't make them available my choices are limited. Download illegally (if you can even find the title), pay a third-party seller outrageous prices (again, if you can find a copy) or pay a bootlegger a more reasonable price. The artist and record label lose out in any of those scenarios so I feel a bit torn. I guess I justify it since I'm one of the few people still buying physical CDs and downloading legally. And I'll be first in line to buy the titles when official versions get re-released.
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