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Sorry to dig up and dust off such an old thread, but has anyone else noticed a serious degradation of Amazons service lately? Shipping has increased over a dollar, rarely does anything I pre-order actually ship on release day anymore. I used to get my orders in two to three days tops, now it seems like everything takes over a week. Is this their way of getting everyone to sign up for their Prime bullshit? Not to mention that a couple of people who I know that signed up for Prime said it really isn't that much faster. Prime makes such a big deal about new releases being on your doorstep on the actual release day? That's how the service should be for everyone! I would always have my orders shipped the day of release and get them in about two days, now they don't even ship the new releases until two days later. I'm done with them, it's Diabolik DVD for me from here on out. Those guys are great. I ordered the new Street Trash blu-ray last night and it shipped out this morning. That's customer service! They may be a couple of dollars more on occasion, but I have no problem giving my money to the people who actually give a shit about their customers.
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