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Originally Posted by Mikey Horror View Post
Yeah, GoHastings is great. Just be careful ordering from them if multiple movies have the same titles such as remakes, cause its about 50/50 you getting the right one. I remember ordering Alone in the Dark from them and they sent me that Uwe Boll piece of shit. Another time I ordered the original Prom Night and got the remake. They almost always tell you to just keep the wrong one and send out a new one right away.
Yes, I've had that happen quite a few times. One was Loverboy, ordered the Patrick Dempsey movie and they sent me some movie with Kyra Sedgwick. Also Bloodmoon (1989), they sent me some recent action movie and Hide & Seek (2000) they sent me the Robert DeNiro one. Also, some of the movies I've received look like someone has taken a blade to the disc. They don't have any quality control over their used items.

But their customer service is fantastic! As long as it's a business day, I'll usually have a reply and a refund within an hour. I just wish I didn't have to contact them so often.
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