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I just pre-ordered three seperate Blu-Rays, all being released on October 1st:

Wizard of Oz 75th Anniversary Gift Set, that is only availabe through, and I preordered it about 2 weeks ago, and there is only 20,000 copies available

Preordered today:

House of Wax 3D, Vincent Price with the original 1933 movie included

Amityville Horror Collection from Shout Factory. All three are over $25.00, and free shipping. My total cost of all three is about $150.00, and I'm getting these instead of the Blu-Ray collection of Friday the 13th. Can't justify, at least for me, the price that the collection is going to go for, and I already own Parts 1 - 3 and the Remake already on Blu-Ray, the Unrated Jason Goes to Hell, and the Deluxe Editions of Parts 1-8 on DVD, the Limited Edition, with the Minature Jason Hockey Mask.

I personally have never had an issue whatsoever with Amazon. Everything that I have purchased from them has arrived a few days early, even with the free shipping, the box in pristine condition, and each item has been packed extremely well.
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