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Originally Posted by ronnie21 View Post
saw some of Amityville II on Comcast HD free movies today, it looks really good in HD, iam quessing the blu ray will look good too, but just not into this movie. It has too many realistic scenes of family and child abuse. Iam sure this movie could never be made today. Man, they got away with some stuff back in the early 80's..
You're right about this.
I just read an interview with Burt Young in the new Fangoria where he discussed a scene that was excised showing the father forcibly sodomizing the wife. If this had been included it would have taken the film into a whole new level of sleaze whereas the bar was already set pretty high with the incest factor.
Undeniably and this is total unproven allegation that I read somewhere on the actual Defeo case some posited an incestuous relationship between Ronnie 'Butch' Defeo and his sister Dawn, whether this is true or not I can't tell you. However, that rumor is out there and the film was touted as being loosely based on fact.
Couple this with director Damiano Damiani's early flirtations with the sexploitation genre and you probably have a feasible excuse for some of the questionable content of Amityville II: The Possession.
As for me, I first saw it on one of those HBO free preview weekends when I was much too young to comprehend the true horror of domestic abuse of any sort, so to me it's forever etched into memory as just a really frightening film with a creepy as Hell score to match.

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