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i have no kind of schedule for watching or rewatching films. for years i really avoided rewatching films, as i had so many that i hadn't watched at all. recently i've been mixing it up more, and i like that a lot - it makes my collection feel like its got a lot more practical value beyond just being a collection. however, i do have over a thousand films, so there are some i haven't watched in a decade, and may not watch for a while to come, either. but they're films i like, and i have no intention of getting rid of them.

right now i would say i rewatch a film from my "library" maybe once a week, and the other...3, 4, or 5 films i watch in a given week (i would estimate) are "new" viewings - i.e. films i've either never seen, or have not watched since i bought a copy.
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