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Originally Posted by Anthropophagus View Post
I hated it and so did the person I saw it with, it's a gorefest no doubt, but without compelling characters it was a waste of time for me.
My friend actually muttered under his breath 'Will this bitch stay dead so we can go home?' at one point and though I tried to remain diplomatic I felt the same.
When I see a film in theaters that leaves me cold I usually try to re-visit at least once to give it the benefit of the doubt, no need here, this remake was everything I hate bout remakes and re-imaginings.
Visually impressive but hollow.
The characters were not compelling and I don't think the gore was either. When I think of Evil Dead, I think of a kinda kinetic zaniness and this just did not have that. It was too serious and that made it boring because like you said, the characters were not compelling enough for the serious tone.
Omg, look at the nails flying in his face! Now she's cutting off her arm, Oh no a tongue is being cut! Maybe I expect too much but it takes a lot more than that to impress me. I found the demonic behavior bland and thought it was poor writing to have each character be attacked by one demon at a time so the scenarios never get too complicated.
Much like you, I just sat there and felt deattached from the whole experience.
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