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Originally Posted by Workshed View Post
Yeah, Suicide, aside from wondering what TV show you were watching with your roommate's daughter, I'm glad you are okay. And that your DVDs are safe. Bummer about the hassle.
Charlie Day was on Conan, I think my roommate's daughter has a crush on Charlie for some reason even though he looks and sounds like Bobcat Goldthwait's son. He was on his way to Conan's desk when it hit.

Yeah, of course I'm just happy we all got out way before there was any real danger. I'm also glad this didn't happen while we were asleep. Sure, the smoke detectors were going apeshit, but still, I've slept through full volume alarm clocks 8 inches away from my head.

I know the material possessions don't matter in this kind of situation, but I'm amazed and glad most of my stuff wasn't damaged. The MST sets alone would've cost a few thousand dollars to replace since half of them are out of print. It's dumb, but as a collector, every second that went by before the fire was out I thought of another out of print or irreplaceable movie or collectible.

I actually went to add renter's insurance to my car insurance about a month ago and I held off so I could go through my stuff and give some kind of rough estimate of how much coverage I need. I would've never stopped feeling like the world's biggest idiot if everything I owned got toasted.

Still need to figure out a smoke removal method, that thing on Amazon is either a 5 star or 1 star item, not much in between. I hate how unreliable reviews are for electronic devices on Amazon.
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