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Yesterday the folks at Entertainment Weekly wrote up an article showing off a Hannibal gag reel clip which had screened that day at the 2013 San Diego Comic Con. As part of their write-up, they revealed that Season 1 will be available on September 24th. The episodes, they say, will be more than just what was broadcast: "In addition to the 12 episodes that aired on NBC, the DVD includes the full version of an episode pulled from the schedule in the wake of the Sandy Hook school shooting."They didn't have the box art for Hannibal - Season 1, but they did have this list of bonus material they say will be on both the DVD and Blu-ray Disc versions: •Audio commentaries on select episodes with Cast and Crew including Bryan Fuller, David Slade, Hugh Dancy and more

•"Hannibal Reborn" featurette
•"A Taste for Killing" featurette
•"The FX of Murder" featurette
•"A Symphony for the Slaughter" featurette
•Full Gag Reel
•Deleted Scenes
•Pilot Episode Storyboards

Taken from:
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