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Originally Posted by Nailwraps View Post
Psycho II is gonna have a commentary!:
I know most of you were only interested in the announced titles (and disappointed with the titles that were announced), but Comic-Con panels are more than just press releases. They're discussions about the business, the hoops they have to jump through to get licenses, etc. Of course, they talked about the difficulty of finding people for bonus material. They compared it to current movies, where the Blu-Ray extras are done while the film is in production, vs. older movies where they have to reach out to people for something they did 30 or more years ago. It's not quite as easy.

After the Scream Factory talk, Adrienne Barbeau came on and talked a lot about her memories of making those genre films (mostly talking about Creepshow, The Fog, and Swamp Thing), and it was really cool as she told funny stories and doesn't appear to regret that part of her career one bit (bonus tidbit: she has never drank alcohol, so playing the part of Billie in Creepshow was a real stretch).

Anyway, while I too found the upcoming title announcements pretty uninspiring, it was still enjoyable to hear them talk for an hour about what it is they have to do, and the difficulties of being a company that specializes in older films (just an FYI, at another panel, I saw Leonard Maltin talk about Hollywood history, how they used to consider films "disposable", and never saw the reason for retaining old prints and negatives. So companies like SF really are facing an uphill battle most of the time).
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