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Originally Posted by Suicide View Post
Anyone else think this looks kind of awful? I love Jeff Bridges. I love James Hong. Ryan Reynolds isn't in a lot of stuff I've seen, but he's a funny dude with some good comedic timing. But holy cow, every single thing I've seen from this R.I.P.D. thing is leaving me completely cold. I've not gotten a single laugh out of any of the previews I've seen, I'm getting annoyed by Bridges who is pretty much just doing Rooster Cogburn again, and that Macklemore song is the most ill-fitting music they could've possibly found for the TV spots for this thing. It's like "Whoomp! The Addams Family" bad.

Maybe I'm a stupid asshole and this will be really good and tear up the box office, but I still think it looks really, really bad. Anyone here looking forward to this?

Edit: Crap, I had written R.I.P.D in the thread title, not sure how R.i.p.d. happened.

Started a thread on this already in April. Maybe Paff can merge the 2.
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