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There's actually a third VHS doc in the works, this one from the director of the recent festival favorite EUROCRIME! THE ITALIAN COP AND GANGSTER FILMS THAT RULED THE '70s. (Which I'm dying to see!)

As far as I'm concerned, you can never have too many VHS documentaries, and Mike Malloy's PLASTIC MOVIES REWOUND: THE STORY OF THE '80s HOME VIDEO BOOM covers the tape revolution with encyclopedic thoroughness. Dissecting the format with six distinct episodes like the "Golden Age of Mom-and-Pop Video Stores" and "Filmmakers Versus Distributors," PLASTIC MOVIES REWOUND charts home media from its inception to its proposed future -- and everything in between. Of course, as it's reaching its final stages, the production needs a little more green to keep the cameras rolling, and that's where you come in. A little can help a lot, and you'll look cooler with another IMDB credit. Bigger donations score you some sweet signed videos, vintage 'zines, copies of the finished doc, and more. So click the link, watch the promo reel, and decide for yourself if it's something worth investing in. Less than a week left and only $1,200 to go!

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