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Originally Posted by X-human View Post
I'm surprised how "meh" people were to this news in Shout's thread. I guess since this obviously isn't an obscure direct to video slasher that doesn't warrant Shout throwing an entire convention in San Francisco. That's what Comic Con is after all. And if a movie's been seen by more than 50 people it's not worth seeing at all am I right?

It's good to see Shout getting its hands dirty by cultivating such a release. We might not of gotten it otherwise. Since Shout's been somewhat hands off on the materials it's promising to see them take on such a project as this. I know they're probably a few degrees removed from the dirty work itself but this is promising for things to come none the less.
I'm the opposite, I love the big titles that they have been re-releasing on Blu-ray (The Fog, Prince of Darkness, The Howling ect.) but I thought Scream's announcements were the most part pretty weak.

I'm excited to see this cut of the movie, but to be honest, the theatrical cut is merely okay, and although I believe this cut will make the film better, the question is how much better? That and there is a good chance this set won't include the theatrical cut of the film, and the extra footage is coming from a VHS master so even if they clean it up it still won't look great. Don't get me wrong, I'll be pre-ordering this but until it gets closer to the date and more info has been revealed, including how good the footage looks, it's hard to get too excited about this at the moment. That and we all knew this was coming eventually, so if Scream didn't release it I'm sure someone else would have, although I'm glad it's in Screams hands.
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