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I have to admit, these announcements were a big disappointment to me. If they just a announced them out of nowhere I'd probably be happy, but they hyped them up for weeks now.

Assault on Precinct 13 (1976) - The Image release apparently already looks great and has some decent extras so this probably isn't a big deal to most. That being said, I almost bought this on Fri., as it's one of the few Carpenter releases I still need to get on Blu-ray only to find out it's OOP and sells for $50+, so this is an exciting release for me. I'm sure Scream will include some great extras and hopefully all the previous extras.

Nightbreed (1990) - I already talked about this in its respective thread. It's exciting but until we see what the added footage looks like and what extras they include, as well as whether they will include the theatrical cut who knows how it will turn out. Plus we already knew this was coming so it's not that big of a surprise, other then the fact that Scream is releasing it which is a good thing. A big title and a big release in the end though.

Cat People (1982) - I haven't seen this but many seem to be excited about it so I'm sure I'll pick it up.

Darkman (1990) - I already have this on Blu-ray and I don't think it's even that good. Being a Raimi title I know I'll upgrade it though, hopefully Scream delivers some worthy extras. Not one I'm excited for though.

Eve of Destruction (1991) - Never heard of it. It looks okay.

Saturn 3 (1980) - Never heard of it. Doesn't look very good.

Terror on TV: The Initiation of Sarah / Are You In the House Alone DVD - Glad to see Scream has decided to give some TV horror movies a chance even though Cliff has stated they don't sell very well. I haven't heard of any of these, but Initiation looks like it could be good. Are You in the House Alone looks and sounds pretty bad though, doesn't even sound like a horror movie. I am surprised this is the best TV movie they could get? Not the best way to start out a hopeful new line with is it?
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