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Cat People on Blu-Ray. I'm all over this. I can let go of my DVD. Me, my brother, and our Mom, who was the coolest Mom in the world, we all three saw Cat People in the theaters in 1982. My Mom passed away, it will be 16 years ago, on August 6th, and she would always, every weekend, take us to the movies, from about 1977 through 1985, and during that time, we saw alot of horror films in that time frame, because my mom was a huge horror fan. I now have my mom's name tattooed on my arm, Cheryl, because Ellen Sandweiss signed her name below her tattoo as possessed "Cheryl" The others, not sure if I will get or not. Darkman I already own on Blu-Ray, and rather enjoy it very much. Not sure if I want to double dip or not.
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