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Originally Posted by elDomenechHDG View Post
I'm beginning to balk at paying $35 for barebones Blu-rays and I'm one of those people who thought nothing of it when certain titles came up. For instance, I didn't hesitate for one second when THE DRIVER pre-order came up, same thing with CHRISTINE and a few others. But with so much good stuff coming out, I'm going to have to prioritize a little and simply skip some titles. Body Double would've been a blind buy but I'm going to wait until their stock starts to dwindle.
The Body Double blu-ray is not barebones, just like Christine, it has all the special features of the last edition.

Originally Posted by satans-sadists View Post
Arrow Films recently released Blow Out and Dressed To Kill comes out next week. Any chance they might release Body Double in Region B in the near future?
The only announced future titles of Brian de Palma made by Arrow are Sisters, Fury, and Phantom of Paradise.

Blow Out was recent released, and Dressed To Kill comes out next week.
Too much definition hurts my eyes because of the artificial look of things!
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