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Well the first twenty minutes had me wondering what the heck all the hype was about but then it quickly turned into a classic haunting/possession film that harkens back to the films I love such as The Haunting, Amityville I&II and many others.
By classic I mean I'd certainly seen this all before in other films but this one was executed with style and panache absent from most contemporary horror offerings. Most importantly it's gimmick free-no effort made to shove a new horror icon down our throats, I'm looking at you Darth Maul/Insidious dude and what I appreciated equally was the total absence of humor.
Compelling characters, great acting and thankfully no CGI overload in the vein of Mama, though I did like that film as well.
I was impressed by the level of psychological horror and the eschewing of cheap gags and effects. The last twenty minutes were incredibly harrowing.
This is easily the film of the year for me, not that it's perfect by any means, but it is the most fun I've had at a horror film in many years.
'Haunting' films are my favorite horror sub-genre, so this one is definitely in my top 10 list now rubbing shoulders with Burnt Offerings, The Amityville Horror, Sinister and many others.

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