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Originally Posted by elDomenechHDG View Post
Any time something is shipped from overseas there are more potential problems to worry about than there would be if I ordered from a stateside retailer. Thankfully I have only had one issue (customs hold) with an import so far, more a matter of inconvenience since it was something I wanted to get my hands on ASAP. I buy a lot of music, vinyl specifically, from Europe and I've had lots of problems. One record took 8 months(!) to get to me. The nature of being a collector I suppose.
Ok so if your talking vinyl then that maybe different as its more of a niche market and if not packaged well could become damaged if it is being sent long distances. I used to be a club DJ playing mostly house music in the 90s and early 2000s and would order vinyl from overseas with trepidation. As for DVDs/Blu rays I dont want to tempt fate but I have only had two problems from overseas sellers in all my years of importing. First was ordering through the now defunct but their customer service always was abit hit and miss. The other was Fight For Your Life which i ordered from market place seller Caiman. When i said it hadnt arrived another was sent no problem. If you buy from reputable online sellers or from somewhere like Amazon market place or Ebay where you have abit of backup you shouldnt have any problems importing.
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