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Originally Posted by The Tall Man View Post
Stunning transfer on the Bluray. I could not believe how good it looked and the extra detail that was noticeable. The commentary track with director Elliot Silverstein has to be one of the most awkward I've ever heard. He has to be poked and prodded and even reminded he is being paid to do it just to talk at certain times. Informative, but frustrating to listen to at the same time I felt. Anyone who likes the movie will love this transfer, it's simply beautiful.
Couldnt agree more. Silverstein sounded as if he really didnt want to be there making this a very awkward listen and to be fair the moderator didnt always handle the cantankerous sounding guy at all well. I did give up listening as it was getting a little frustrating . The interview with the SFX artist on the other hand eas great. Oh I love the transfer. Detail.was remarkable as was depth in the wonderful panoramic shots of the gorgeous Utah locations and there was more in the frame than my old Anchor Bay DVD. Lossless audio was good too for a two channel stereo mix.
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