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Jess Franco's HOW TO SEDUCE A VIRGIN (1974) from Mondo Macabro 10/8

It's been over a year, but worldweird favorites Mondo Macabro are finally back in action with Jess Franco's HOW TO SEDUCE A VIRGIN (PLAISIR A TROIS, 1974)! The Countess de Bressac returns home from a forced nuthouse stint, the court-appointed result of castrating her former plaything. Greeted by her hunchbacked gardener, mute maid and enabling husband, she immediately retreats to her dungeon, surrounded by human statues formed from past conquests. Her spouse proposes a new game, involving the seduction of the wealthy heiress next door, but when things don't go as expected... Another of Franco's examinations of the perversion of innocence, PLAISIR A TROIS is considered by many to be one of the director's more twisted efforts. Previously only available on French VHS, Mondo Macabro revive the film from its original negative, including interviews with Alain Petit and Stephen Thrower to further sweeten the deal. Welcome back, guys!

DVD Preorder:

No trailer, so here's the Mondo Macabro featurette on Jess:

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