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The Pyjama Girl Case (1977)

Did a search, and couldn't find a thread dedicated to this film, only a few passing mentions of it in Giallo threads. Anyway, this is a really impressive piece of work! It's a "late" Giallo, as in, it was from 1977 long after the Giallo genre's heyday. So this is one that goes with a much different approach, in the same way that Fulci's Seven Notes in Black (The Psychic) did. No black gloved killer or anything like that.

Funny thing is, I started watching it late Saturday night, and my need for sleep forced me to turn it off about 50 minutes in. It didn't help that the movie just wasn't "grabbing" me at all. So last night I popped it back in, to watch the last half and get it back in the mail to Netflix. Well, as anyone who's seen this movie before knows, there's a pretty major twist that occurs about an hour or so into the film (I certainly won't spoil it here), and it got my attention real quick. The final 30-40 minutes is about as tense and compelling as any Giallo film ever gets. More importantly, the first instinct I had when the credits rolled was to immediately begin the movie again, which I did.

This doesn't get as much attention as the early 70s gialli, you know, the ones with 25 words in the title that don't make a damn bit of sense or even apply to the movie at all, but I'd put it up there with any of them. Highly recommended.
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