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July Acquisitions:

Busting (MGM) - MOD
Cohen & Tate (Shout Factory) - Blu Ray
Complete Montery Pop Festival, The (Criterion) - Blu Ray
Devil's Backbone, The (Criterion) - Blu Ray
Doberman Gang, The / The Daring Dobermans (Warner) - MOD
Evil Dead (Sony) - Blu Ray
Fabulous Baron Munchausen, The (Muzeum Karla Zemana) - Czech Republic
Fabulous World of Jules Verne, The (Muzeum Karla Zemana) - Czech Republic
Hammer Films: Icons of Suspense (Sony)
Hands of the Ripper (Synapse) - Blu Ray
Journey to the Beginning of Time (Muzeum Karla Zemana) - Czech Republic
Kentucky Fried Movie, The (Shout Factory) - Blu Ray
Killer Party (Warner) - MOD
Labor of Love, A (Vinegar Syndrome)
Lord of the Flies (Criterion) - Blu Ray
Man who Knew Too Much, The (Criterion) - Blu Ray
Manborg (Dark Sky)
Marketa Lazarova (Criterion) - Blu Ray
More Spaghetti Westerns (Shout Factory)
Offence, The (MGM) - MOD
Outside Man, The (MGM) - MOD
Punk Vacation (Vinegar Syndrome) - Blu Ray
Ripper Street (BBC) - Blu Ray
Safety Last! (Criterion) - Blu Ray
Sci-Fi Movie Marathon (Shout Factory)
Seven Psychopaths (Sony) - Blu Ray
Spaghetti Westerns (Shout Factory)
Street Trash (Synapse) - Blu Ray
Tales that Witness Madness (Olive) - Blu Ray
Todd & the Book of Pure Evil: Season 2 (E1)
Vixens of Kung Fu / Oriental Blue (Vinegar Syndrome)
White Line Fever (Sony) - MOD
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