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and that Macklemore song is the most ill-fitting music they could've possibly found for the TV spots for this thing
Especially as the same damn song was recently overplayed in Microsoft's ad campaign. Its one thing to play inappropriate "trendy-catchy" music for a trailer theme. Its another to use that music after its already stuck in peoples' skulls from some other product association.
Christ on a fucking pogo stick, they just recycled this fucking song yet again for the trailer for the upcoming film Jobs.

Has some marketing suit just falling asleep behind the ad campaign wheel, or is there some theater attendee Pavlovian response to that insipid tune that I'm somehow immune to? Try as I might I can't envision what sequence of mass brain farting must be occurring to think its a great idea to use the same "cool for this week" tune for *3* different advertising campaigns in as few months.

Either that, or someone acquired the usage rights to the tune dirt cheap.
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