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Originally Posted by Matt89 View Post
There was a guy on the forums who said the new edition of 'The Fog' was a travesty and virtually unwatchable. Honestly....what a fucking tool. I'm trying to find his post so I can tell him. But man, anyone else think the movie looked fucking fantastic? I watched the blu-ray today and sure there's a bit of a speckle here and there but I had a hard time finding anything remotely close to what that guy described. People really like to bitch and moan about NOTHING. The colors are vibrant and the blue tint that this new transfer has only adds to the mood and atmosphere of the film.

Yeah. I just received it in the mail and have it on the screen now. The picture looks fantastic! For all of the complaints I've read about the transfer being too dark, I just don't see it. So either you're the most anally retentive schmuck in the world to think that this is a travesty, or you have your picture settings completely wrong. There are way too many bad reviewers out there, and just because somebody has a blu ray player and 30 minutes of spare time to type up a review and post it online doesn't automatically mean they know jack about PQ.
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