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I'm always torn on this type of thing; if the ending of a movie makes everything suddenly make sense, is that really cool or is it sloppy filmmaking? After all, the ENTIRE movie should be good, it should not need a nifty ending to justify the crappy 90 minutes we just sat through. I don't think Pyjama Girl is one of those movies, although I do think that some of the parts that don't make sense (early on, and only upon first viewing) do drag it down a bit.

Another along these lines is a Hong Kong film called Haunted Office, starring the love of my life, Shu Qi. It's a pretty tepid anthology film set in an office building (hence the title), but the finale ties all the stories together. I haven't watched it a second time, but I should, to see if it's better with the ending already in mind. Again, is that a cool trick or just sloppy filmmaking?
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