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Roy Ward Baker's THE MONSTER CLUB (1981) from Scorpion Releasing 10/1

Another blu debut from Scorpion Releasing, it's Roy Ward Baker's portmanteau horrorshow THE MONSTER CLUB (1981)! Based on genre stories by Ronald Chetwynd-Hayes, this Amicus anthology (their final) finds John Carradine essaying the author as he's nipped on the neck by a vampiric Vincent Price. Taken to the titular establishment, the writer finds himself welcomed to the dark side with some oddball new wave performances and three tales of the supernatural -- detailing demonic love, lonely bloodsuckers and cannibalistic townsfolk. With a supporting cast including favorites Donald Pleasance, Britt Ekland, and Richard Johnson, THE MONSTER CLUB may not be the studio's best film, but it's certainly worthy of reevaluation, and Scorpion are giving the opportunity to do just that. Striking a brand new HD transfer, the company has also loaded up on supplements, including an hour-long interview with Price, an additional audio interview, a chat with authority David Del Valle, an isolated score and more! "You'll meet some interesting people and hear some great songs at The Monster Club!"



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