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Just got to see Nightbreed The Cabal Cut last night at its first Australian screening. It was a wonderful experience. All the extra footage really helps flesh out the story and makes for a much more rewarding experience. The footage is still in pretty rough shape and you can hardly see what is going on in some of the darker scenes. We were told that once it gets released to disk (if the negatives still haven't shown up) it will get a lot of restoration work to bring those old VHS looking scenes to dvd quality.

Also, the director of the Cabal Cut told us the film is still changing. There are one or two exra scenes he is looking to re-insert and he is hoping some more footage will show up that he knows existed at one point.

He also touched on his ideas for a sequel and told us Clive had planned two more Nightbreed films back in the day before his original film was butchered and ruined.
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