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Too lazy to fetch poster and all that, but. Re-watched Night of the Creeps.

And, this is rare, but I was wrong. It's actually better than I remember it. Enough for me to bump it up from a 5/10 to a 6.5/10. I'm still not exactly a fan and Bud the Chud and Video Dead are still superior. But it moves better with the DVD remaster, decent score/soundtrack (Jane Wiedlin- didn't recognize her but the credits informed me), great special effects, and Tom Atkins is much better than I remember him. I remembered him speaking in one-liners and quirky phrases the whole movie long. I somehow got that completely ass-backwards. I still don't like "thrill me" but I barely noticed it after the first time.

And, why can't J.C. get a girl? He's actually one of the more attractive men in the movie. Most of "the girls' dates" in the movie look like 30-something, beer-gutty, hairy Uncles. The ladies on this campus are obviously not that picky.
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