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I liked this a lot, even though I agree with the statement that the movie had no idea where it was going. Really, there's not a lot of movies about body modification, so the Soskas were kind of blazing a trail here. And that's a good thing. But yes, their inexperience shows.

Even without the issues of where the film goes, it's worth watching for Katharine Isabelle alone. And not just for her looks (although she is damn good looking, even with those hideous bangs), but it's her performance that really stands out. I loved the wry humor of her character, as she seems pretty ok with the new direction of her medical career.

I'll give the audio commentary a listen before it goes back to Netflix, but I thought the DVD was kind of murky. How does the Blu Ray look? I don't know why Neflix only carries the SD DVD and not the Blu on this particular title.
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