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Originally Posted by Zombie Dude View Post
Even with blurays (if they're still doing those)? What's the difference with pressed discs and dvd-r's anyway?
No, not Blu-rays – just DVD's.

They've released a couple dozen DVD-R's like Crystal Force, The Curse of Bigfoot, Jurassic Women, Preacherman, etc..

...and also released most of the ones that were in those old Toxie's Triple Terror sets and the Troma Triple B-Header sets.

The difference between pressed DVD's and DVD-R's is that pressed DVD's are just that, "pressed" or mechanically stamped with the data on the actual plastic layers.

DVD-R's only have a dye layer, which you'll see as blue or purple. The data is "burned" onto the dye for the laser to read, and thus can have a shorter lifespan. That's also how you can rewrite data on DVD-RW discs. That's impossible for pressed discs though, since the data is pressed in physically and can't be erased on the fly. It's basically the same exact process with pressed CD's and CD-R's, and Blu-rays and BD-R's.
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