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Caught Stoker last night. Chan-wook Park's North American debut is a powerhouse mystery whose labyrinthian sense of foreboding atmosphere entangles in an almost fairy tale-esque manner combining family rivalry and India's coming-of-age in a spider's web of deceit, broken truths, and self-discovery. Masterfully told through use of various styles of camera work, from smooth flowing Steadicam work to unnerving handheld and zooms and pans, as well as sound design and score, Stoker is an astutely assured work of art, so meticulously crafted and detailed, this three-dimensional puzzle will have audiences on edge and enveloped in it's grandeur. Performances find the right balance of hidden agenda and theatrical madness at just the right moments. A master film from a master director who has set his footprint on foreign soil.
This was the most visually interesting film--horror or otherwise--that I've seen all year. Spectacular to watch.

The daughter and mother characters, while wonderfully performed, were left in their shells for too long.
The mother doesn't emerge until the very end, while India breaks through in the shower, in the most intense masturbation scene I've seen.
Both instances are powerful, but only hint at much more beneath the surface of both characters. I wish the story allowed for more growth spurts along the way, but wanting more is a sure sign of a great film. And Stoker was damned great.
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Well as the video explains, I do not think it is a great film, nor do I think.
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