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Originally Posted by CPT HOOK View Post
If anyone is curious about the status of My Bloody Valentine, it appears to have gone to Warner in their deal with Paramount.

Warner will be re-releasing the barebones R-rated Paramount DVD on September 24th.

Thank goodness LionsGate got ahold of it and released the uncut blu-ray before it ended up with Warner.

The artwork is not good at all on the "new" release imo.

Originally Posted by Paff View Post
I say this over and over again: OOP is not a big deal. What do you think, they're going to press every title over and over again till the end of time? All it does is create some kind of artificial demand. The Amazon and E-bay sellers you talk about it will indeed crank up the price and scream "OOP!!!!", and fans will fall all over themselves to buy it at their inflated prices. Meanwhile, there's some used record store with half a dozen copies they can't move at $4.99.

The reason I rail against this so much is that those Amazon and E-bay sellers are COUNTING on people to do just what Ronnie21 here has done, and that is to spread the word that this is now some kind of hard-to-find collectible. And worse, some who were just about to dump the title will now hold on to it, thinking it'll be another Criterion Salo that goes for hundreds of dollars.

I know you're just passing on the word, a service to other fans of the movie, but we all have to be careful not to scream that the sky is falling just because yet another title has gone OOP.
Well this is one example of OOP being a really bad thing. Look what happened.
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