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I was poking around YouTube and found the trailer posted by Millennium Entertainment (formerly First Look Studios). I'm guessing this means they own the US rights?

I don't think they release many catalog titles though, mostly modern straight-to-DVD stuff.

Browsing their channel, it looks like they've also got trailers posted for Edge Of The Axe, Psycho Cop, Night Screams, and Whodunit (that's the title of my VHS, but most people know it as Island Of Blood and they have it listed on YouTube as Scared Alive) among others.

If they do own the rights, I'd love to see them enter a licensing deal with Scorpion, Synapse, Vinegar Syndrome, or Scream Factory to get these out there. Night Screams is the only one of these that was released on DVD in the US, and that disc could definitely be improved.
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