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Very excited about the slate of supplements in this set. Glad to see that all MGM DVD bonus features are carried over for all of the films in addition to each film getting new extras. This set is worth it for the Dr. Phibes supplements alone, which make up for the previous barebones release.

However, this isn't a definitive set by any means. The following extras are missing:

House of Usher (from Arrow UK Blu-ray)
-Legend to Legend: An interview with director and former Corman apprentice Joe Dante
-Interview with author and Gothic horror expert Jonathan Rigby
-Fragments of the House of Usher: A Specially-commissioned video essay by critic and filmmaker David Cairns examining Corman’s film in relation to Poe’s story
-Archival interview with Vincent Price (this might have been re-edited into another feature)

Masque of the Red Death (from German DVDs & Blu)
-Doesn't appear to include the slightly extended version seen on German discs.

Witchfinder General (from Odeon UK Blu-ray)
-Audio Commentary with Benjamin Halligan and Michael Armstrong
-Alternate Opening and Closing Credits (from US release)
-Alternate Nude Scenes from Export Version
-Vincent Price on 'Aspel & Company'
-'The Blood Beast: The Films of Michael Reeves'
-'Bloody Crimes - Witchcraft'
-'Intrusion': Michael Reeves' Short Film (with optional audio commentary by Benjamin Halligan and Michael Armstrong)

The bonus disc from the MGM Vincent Price Scream Legends box set is also MIA.

I'm still very excited about this set and can't wait to pick it up, but it is annoying needing to own 2 box sets and a couple individual releases in order to have all the supplements available for each film.
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