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Originally Posted by fattyjoe37 View Post
The bonus disc from the MGM Vincent Price Scream Legends box set is also MIA.

I'm still very excited about this set and can't wait to pick it up, but it is annoying needing to own 2 box sets and a couple individual releases in order to have all the supplements available for each film.
Although it's not Scream Factory's fault, it's also annoying that buying this set will only allow me to get rid of my The Fall of the House of Usher/The Pit and the Pendulum dvd. I'll have to keep the Masque of the Red Death in order to keep The Premature Burial, The Haunted Palace in order to keep The Tower of London, and the Witchfinder General and Dr. Phibes discs as part of my Vincent Price Scream Legends Box Set. It's all so terribly inconvenient.

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